Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 37

The Day After The 4th Of July

OK, I probably drank a bit too much yesterday. But it was a national holiday, it's kind of expected isn't it? I did NOT get up for a run this morning. In fact I did not even get up in the morning. We slept it out until the early afternoon.

When we finally rose we had to rush to get out because we were so hungry. But this time we drove and found a great spot called Noshville. It's a proper, old school New York deli. Their catch phrase is 'Make your mother happy. Eat lots.' So we did. Both things.

I ordered a club sandwich but as a curve ball replaced the bacon with corned beef. The thing was so big that I had to split each half into another half. In the end I couldn't get my gob around it and had to settle for a bow wow.

Feeling adequately full, we decided to do our favourite hung-over, feeling-low thing. Check out a few record shops. We lucked out because The Great Escape was right across the street from Noshville. We had a sniff around but didn't buy anything. Actually, Paulo bought one disc. It's just rude to go into a good shop and not buy anything.

Next we made our way to Grimey's, which by most accounts (including ours) is Nashville's best record shop.

When we got there they were playing Interpol's new album 'Our Love To Admire' even though it isn't being released until the tenth. When Paulo asked your man at the counter, he replied by saying that he had a "cheeky" copy. Paulo's response was, "oh man, you are killing me!" The guy responded by giving him a free copy of 'The Heinrich Maneuver' on vinyl. Fair play. we had a good look around and each of us bought some preloved CDs and a T-shirt. More stuff for our respective 'bags 'o trash".

We then drove back to the hotel and crashed for the night as we were both knackered.

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