Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 61

This morning started with a coffee and a pain au chocolate from Starbucks. Then we checked out and collected our next car (number six for those of you who are counting) - a Subaru Forester. I waited with the bags out front while Paulo went to pick it up in the garage. It was a great car. Except for one thing - it didn't have a license plate! After a half hour discussion with the Dollar guy, he drove us up to the carpark and gave us a different car (number seven). Another Dodge! But this time it was an Avenger.

We threw all of our gear into the car and drove up the Strip to the mall across from Wynn. We had a look around and a bite to eat in Subway before setting off again.

We got back onto 15 and drove north to St George, Utah. I found a Days Inn with a decent rate so we booked in for two nights.

We went to Chilis for a bite to eat. I drank a 3.2% ABV Corona and got carded when I ordered it. There probably would have been more alcohol in a spring water, if I had ordered that.

As most of you probably know, Utah is a conservative state. Very conservative. It is the Morman capital of the world. Mormans are a bit fanatical (to say the least) and they tend to believe every single word in the Bible. They don't interpret it like most Catholics do, they think every word written is (pardon the pun) the God honest truth. They enjoy their temples, worshiping and going door to door trying to collect money from people, while telling them how much they have sinned in their lives but that Jesus can save them.

Utah became the 45th state in 1896 but it wasn't easy for the Mormans. The US bought (what is now) Utah from the Mexicans and all the Mormans wanted to have their own state. But there was one problem - they liked polygamy and that was outlawed by the government. So, after a lot of petitioning and arguments, the Mormans finally agreed to give up the idea of several wives and Utah was made a state.

Today it is really conservative. You can drink beer in the state and you can buy beer in the state. But it is watered down and you can't just walk into a bar and start drinking. You have to become a 'temporary member' of a 'private club' (ie bar) or be sponsored by someone who is a 'member' and that costs five bucks for two weeks. You can also buy beer in shops and restaurants but you will be carded not matter how old you look.

After dins, we chilled in the room (without beers) and watched the final stage of the Tour de Farce on TV.

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