Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day 36

I woke up this morning and despite a bit of a sore head and the stifling heat and humidity went for a run. I managed 40 minutes through the city in an effort to get my bearings. I arrived back to the room looking like I had spent the entire time under a tap of water.

Showers, a quick tidy-up and we were off into town for breakfast. Except it was now lunch time and we were both really hank.

We passed LP field, home of the Titans and walked down to Broadway.

After looking in a few places and checking out several menus, we settled on a place called Rippys. Where they always enjoy live music and love their pork - pulled, smoked, cooked, baked, grilled, chopped or sliced it doesn't matter. It's also the place where pigs really do fly.

I had a sliced pork Johnny and Paulo had a pulled one, both washed down with some lemonade.

We left Rippys and had a look at the shops around Broadway, where it is all about the cowboys.

We then went back up 2nd Avenue and spent ages in the Sun Shop. What a great place! It's got everything Sun and even a huge selection of cowboy hats.

There's also a recording studio in the back where you can cut you own record for only $29.95. Despite my prodding, Paulo decided not to record his rendition of 'Great Balls Of Fire.

We left the Sun Shop with a few more hours to go before the night and celebrations kicked off. Buffalo Billiards offered the perfect solution - free pool & darts and 2 for 1 draft beers. I love this city!

We shot lots of pool but Paulo kept kicking my arse, so we moved on to darts. He kicked my arse some more. No bother - we had a great evening and met lots of cool peeps throughout.

We squeezed in a quick Johnny from the kitchen and then went to watch the fireworks display down at the river front. It thought it was great but Paulo was a bit less impressed. He kept saying, "Epcot is better..."

The crowds leaving the river front were massive, so we ducked into the first place we saw - Cornerstone Bar. We had a pint or two, met some more peeps and had a laugh.

Then we ventured the ten steps to next door, another bar called Beer Sellar, that had over 100 draft beers. An entire wall was covered in taps. We hung out in the corner, shooting darts and having a laugh. Paulo kicked my arse some more.

There was time for a nightcap so we chose the cheesiest, dodgiest place we could find on 2nd Avenue - Wild Bill's Saloon. The place is dreadful - non stop karaoke. I don't know why we went in there but after ordering a couple of Coronas we immediately regretted. Regaining a bit of sense we downed the beers and legged it. A taxi was there waiting and we were back to the hotel in no time, totally wrecked from a great 4th in Nashville.

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