Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 33

Another hot, humid day and another difficult run. This one was also 40 something minutes and I didn't feel a whole lot better.

Since both Paulo and I got a bit sunburned from yesterday, we decided to go to Panera for a bit of wifi time. Except that the signal was too weak for me to actually get anything done. Feeling frustrated, we went back to my parents and hung out.

My mum cooked up another feast - this time baked ham, potatoes and green beans. Nothing beats a bit of home cooking, I tell you.

Paulo and I went back to Howard Beach after dinner where I took a commanding lead in the wiffle ball series. I'm now three up in the series after a 9-1 victory. Like Paulo's game, the sky was quite overcast and the sunset wasn't the Mae West.

We decided to stop in Peggy O'Neills for a drink on the way home. There weren't many people there but the ones who were were rowdy as hell. We had a couple of beers and then went back to my parents to get stuck into the Yuengling that I had bought last night. We just chilled and had the chatsies for a couple of hours. And the Yuengling went down a dream.

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