Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 54

Today was a pretty relaxing day. We got up late and I skipped a run in favour of a swim. The two of us lounged by the pool for a couple of hours - me in the sun, Paulo in the shade. The only real bit of action was when Lucy found a frog in a flower pot next to the pool. She chased it into the pool and since she doesn't swim she paced around the pool waiting for it to come out. But it didn't. We put her inside, got the frog out and as soon as she came back out she found him in a bush. We thought he might be dead (since she had him in her mouth for a few seconds) but she was only playing and he was able to eventually make a getaway.

We shot some hoops and then showered up so that we could go for lunch.

Instead of going to Dallas, we opted to go to Fort Worth. We followed 121S all the way and then made our way to the north side of the city to a place called Joe T. Garcia's. Most people you ask in these parts will tell you they serve the best Mexican food around and they may be right. It was delish. We had heard there wasn't a menu - you either get fajitas or enchiladas with chicken or beef. That is nearly true but there is actually a menu. I had the chicken and Paulo had the beef but neither of us could finish the meal. The portions were huge. Defeated, we paid the bill and then went in search of some respite from the heat.

I would have liked to walk around Sundance Square and seen the center of the city but when it is 100 degrees (F) you shouldn't really be outside. And we both needed a siesta after the big Mexican feed. So, we found a Barnes & Noble and sure enough there were a couple of empty seats on the second floor. We both had forty winks and it made all the difference.

The next thing on our agenda was the Rangers, Indians game in The Rangers Ballpark. We drove to Arlington (during a shower), parked up and went to buy tickets. Once again, the Press Pass came through - free seats! It's actually just as well they were free because the game was a bit crap. There was nobody there. I mean absolutely nobody. You could hear the umpire and the crack of the bat like you were sitting next to home plate.

The only bit of craic was during the bottom of the sixth inning when the Rangers had a rally and managed three runs. But it wasn't enough and they lost 8-3. We moved seats twice in the hopes of catching a fly ball but since there were very few hits after the sixth inning we had no such luck.

We left the ballpark and drove home in record time. There wasn't even a traffic jam leaving the stadium.

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