Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 41

I woke up this morning at 8:50 and decided to go for a run despite the high temperatures (forecast highs were 96). I ran for 40 minutes and spent about 20 of those lost. Fortunately, I managed to do a bit of a loop and shniffed my way back to the hotel.

After a shower and a tariffic cup of coffee we were on our way. Paulo very cheekily found a mini golf course just a few miles from the hotel called Putt Putt.

We called in for the fourth game in our series and it was a scorcher. I was still sweating from the run and was a bit out of sorts. I choked on the 9th hole but Paulo choked on the 12th hole to keep things close. In the end, he beat me by two strokes, took my dollar and took the overall lead by two.

We were considering a second game as we were the only ones in the place but decided that we would probably melt if we did. Instead, we went to Panera for some rub-a-dub. And of course, I had a double espresso.

We drove 230 something miles to Cleveland. Well, Paulo drove the first few miles but he was struggling so I drove most of the way. He shnoozed while I listened to some house music and we were both happy.

We chose a Days Inn hotel about fifteen miles from Cleveland because of the price. We checked in around 5:00. I went for a swim, while Paulo went to do a few thangs.

Tonight was the home run derby and we wanted to watch it in the city near Jacobs Field. We drove into town and found Winking Lizard Tavern.

We settled in and had a great time. That is until the bartender was pulling a pint of Miller Lite. He went to push the tap back up and broke it. The tap sailed between me & Paulo, missing both of our heads and crashing on the floor. After all the hooplah, your man offered us the broken tap and we quickly decided that it would become our mini-golf championship trophy. We even got the barman to sign it for us at the end of the night. So, now the guantlet is down. I'm two strokes down and now there is everything to play for. Well, there is a broken Miller Lite tap to play for anyway. And I would be proud to display it in my gaff...

On the way home, we stopped by Jacobs Field for a quick look. We would have loved to see the Tribe playing but with the All Star break, it was not meant to be.

We drove back to the hotel on 71S and enjoyed the warm summer air blowing in our faces and through the car. Nothing beats it.

Actually, the only thing that beats it is a replay of the 1981 All Star game on TV that we found back in the hotel. The All Star game is tomorrow and as a tribute a local station was replaying the 1981 game because it was played in Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. Wow, the memories came flooding back watching the game. The dodgy uniforms, the huge barnetts and the great nicknames. I was in love with baseball then (it was before I discovered girls) and it was magnificent to see all of the players I remember growing up with.

Baseball. I love this game!

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