Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 49

This morning started with a 40 minute run around the hotel and along a bike path that I found. While on the path, a woman cycled past me wearing wrap around sun glasses and a shower cap. People are strange...

We checked out of the hotel and drove a few miles down the road to the metropolis that is Caseyville to do our laundry. The place was disgusting but we managed to find a few clean washing machines.

Before setting off, we drove back to Walmart so that Paulo could buy a copy of Editors new CD 'An End Has A Beginning'. I never thought that I would buy CDs in a Walmart but they are so damn cheap. You canty pass them up. Sorry Rebel Rebel, Repo and Record Connection.

We decided to drive back into the city and look for Route 66. We drove to the north of the city and found it. Well, we found what used to be Route 66. Now it is just a run-down neighborhood that doesn't have any white people in it, around it or driving through it. Except the two gobshites from Ireland. We even stopped for petrol as it was only $2.79. Probably not the best idea that we ever had but it was grand. Just a few strange looks from the local peeps. Paulo filled the tank while I sat ready to 'lock and load' should there be any trouble.

With the car full, we continued on what-used-to-be-the-coolest road in America. There was no mention of the historic route anywhere (just on our map). It was a bit ropy. It was also disappointing because there was no recognition of the history of the road.

But we drove on, finally got close to Route 44 (our ticket out of St Louis) and found Ted Drewes, which is a famous frozen custard place that has been open since 1929. We stopped and had some custard - I went for pineapple, while Paulo had chocolate chip. It was fab! And it was so thick that the staff turn each one of the cups upside down to check it before they hand it to you.

Five hours later down 55S we arrived in Memphis and stopped in the Visitor Center. We managed to find a Super 8 for only $43.00 a night! We checked in and decided to get back on 55 to go to an Applebees that we passed for dinner.

Back at the hotel it was lights out Sutty. We were both ballixed from a couple of long days and a lot of driving.

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