Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 46

Having survived Friday the 13th and Chicago, it was time to move on. We woke up early, packed up and headed out on 58. Along the way we found Artemis Restaurant and stopped for breakie. The food was OK, the coffee was really good but the service was crap. I suppose you can't have it all.

Leaving the diner, we got on to 94W (which actually runs north to south) and drove to Milwaukee.

We checked into our hotel and drove into the city, so we could have a look around before the Brewers game. We parked up and got onto one of the free trolley's that goes around the center of the city in a loop. We joined on the east end and went across the river to the west end. Both of us were a bit hank so we got off and started walking down State Street.

After ten minutes, we came across a quirky little sub shop called Ebert & Gerbert. There were cool tunes playing, first a 60s station, then a 70s station. The staff were friendly - they loved Paulo's accent. And the subs were amazing. They were proper old school fare. They even cut out the middle of the bread, flatten it and place it on top of the sub before they wrap it.

Feeling full and a bit energised, we had a quick stroll round the Historic District. But there wasn't much happening - everything was closed.

When we made our way back to the car and drove to Miller Park, we realised why. I think that every single person in Milwaukee was in the carpark of the stadium and tailgating. For those Irish readers, tailgating in America means drinking copious amounts of beer from coolers, kegs, boots of cars - wherever it will fit. And of course eating enormous quantities of burgers and dogs that everyone makes themselves.

I have seen tailgating in the past but this was a whole different level. We parked up and legged it into the stadium to buy tickets. We settled on a pair of seats next to each other in the nose bleed section and with an obstructed view. It was either them or stand. "How bad could the seats be?", said Paulo on the way inside.

We had a stroll around, I bought a proper old school Brew Crew cap and then we went to watch the Rockies take batting practice from behind first base. Unfortunately, no foul balls came our way.

We got a beer and some food and made our way to our seats. It's just as well we arrived to the park early. First we had to go up two flights of stairs. And then we had to get an escalator that was so long and went so far up, I thought that we might be greeted and shown to our seats by St. Peter at the top.

They weren't the highest seats in the house but they were pretty close. Right next to the right field foul line. And the obstruction was a high railing. Even Paulo couldn't see over it.

They gave us a good vantage point to watch all the players warm up.

We stayed there for 3 or 4 innings and then moved up to some empty seats for the remainder of the game. It was a pretty slow game and when the ninth inning ended it was still 1-1.

One highlight though, was the sausage race at the end of the sixth inning. In a hard fought battle, the Mexican guy (with the brown hat) won.

The Brew Crew delivered in the bottom of the tenth though. Tony Graffanino hit a blooper into center field that dropped for a single and scored the winning run from second base. It made for exciting baseball and the fans went bananas.

Some other sites from the park.

After the game we chilled in the stadium and then slowly made our way back to the car. The drive back was a bit longer than we would have liked as we got lost. Twice. But we found our way back and had a bit of wifi time, while watching Tour de France highlights of the first stage in The Alps.

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