Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 52

I started today with a 45 minute run in the oppressive heat. I forgot to ask my aunt where I could go, so I ended up doing two laps around the neighborhood (which was big enough and long enough). I passed a house where there was a garage sale on and the kids had set up a lemonade stand. When I went past the second time, the girls asked if I wanted some lemonade, so I stopped and thanked them kindly. I told them that I would be able to make it back home now. When I told Paulo about it, he gave out to me for not tipping them as they don't make lemonade and give it away for free.

The two of us hung out at my aunt's place to get some things done. I finally filled out my passport renewal form, did some laundry and tried to catch up on the blog (which I didn't of course).

We were both feelin' Hank, so we went to a local cafe called McCallisters for some rub-a-dub. It was a good spot and the Johnnys were great. But they really push the soda refills on you. I ordered a root beer which was huuuge to begin with. And then every single member of staff who passed the table (about eight) asked if I wanted more. I declined as I was saving some room for a coffee and much prefer a caffeine buzz to a sugar buzz.

The next stop was Borders - right next door for some coffee and some browsing. A thunderstorm rolled in and dumped loads of rain for about 45 minutes so we had to stay put in the 'ice box'. After a double espresso, I was ready to look at some CDs. I listened to about two dozen and couldn't find anything that I really liked or wanted to buy. In the end, I came across a CD called Elvis At The Movies that was about ten dollars cheaper than it was in Graceland and snapped it up. Because you can never have too much Elvis in your music collection.

We drove back to my aunt's and just chilled out some more. We had pizza for dinner and drank some of the local brew, Shiner Bock, while telling lots of stories about the trip and having the chatsies with my aunt.

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