Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 43

Up this morning and out for a 40 minute run. The oppressive heat has lifted and I am feeling much better. It rained during the night and the temperature dropped about twenty degrees so I was actually able to run this morning as opposed to jog / trot. I ran a loop straight out of the door of the hotel and stretched the legs a bit on the way back in.

We decided to knock Detroit on the head. After reading in our Lonely Planet guide that the city looks like it has had the shit kicked out of it, I wasn't really enthusiastic. Plus, we are both keen to get to Chicago.

So, we went for a nice big proper feed in Denny's then a cheeky coffee in Caribou. There slogan is 'Life is short. Stay awake for it.' And I intend to. Then it was on to 80/90W through Ohio (with tolls), through Indiana (also with tolls) and eventually into Illinois. A very boring drive but a lovely day.

We stopped in a welcome center across the state line and managed to find a Super 8 that fit our budget. We drove there, checked in and then went off in search of food. It took a while but we found a TGI Fridays and were both satisfied. We agreed that the food over here in TGIFs is way better than in the ones back home.

Thinking we knew the way back (in the dark and without a map), we turned left when we should have turned right. Forty minutes later I was standing in a petrol station asking for directions back to the Super 8. We made our way back and Paulo dropped me off and then went out for a quick drive. I thought that he was going to Target to pick up a few things but he came back with a brown bag. Inside he had two bottles of Sobe (seemingly his new favourite drink) and a six pack of Old Milwaukee (my old favourite drink).

He told me that since we won't be making the drive up to Milwaukee, he thought he would bring a bit of it back to the hotel. Oh, how the memories came flooding back. I spent my first year of college drinking Old Milwaukee because you could buy a 12 pack for $4.99. Times have changed (slightly) and now a 6 pack will set you back $3.59 but it is still great value. And it didn't taste that bad either! We drank the 6 pack and watched Seinfeld. A great night in.

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