Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 27

It was a very slow start to the day today. I ran 30 some minutes around Aido's neighborhood while Paulo did some laundry. Eventually, we left the house after 2:00 and headed towards International Drive. We had a quick bite in Quiznos and then went to the Mall At Millenia for a look around. We didn't buy anything but we managed to kill a few hours.

We stopped in Target on the way home to buy Aido a CD and get our supplies for the night: beer, snack foods and fireworks.

Aido was hosting a poker game this evening in Paulo's and my honour. This despite the fact that I can't play poker. A few of his mates came over and the game was underway. I opted to not play (and lose all my money) so I had a few beers and played some music on my laptop for a bit of atmosphere.

When the game finished and the lads went home, it was back to some serious Wii playing. Aido hung on for as long as he could but he had to go to sleep. Meanwhile, myself and Paulo continued our head to head bowling competition.



Unfortunately, Paulo won most of the games even though I tried my best to take it to him. Sometime after 2:00 in the morning, I fell into bed.

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