Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day 19

We were up late again this morning but considering that we were awake until 4:00 last night it was understandable.

We chilled for a bit, had a lovely breakie whipped up by Jesse & Christy and then went (much to their disgust) to the nearest mat to do our laundry.

We drove from Morristown down I-95 to Philadelphia. I had booked a night in a HI hostel on South Bank Street, which we found after several minutes of negotiating all the one way streets in the Historic / Waterfront District. HI (Hosteling International) is the same crowd that we stayed with in Boston and the room was great up there. When I booked the room online I thought that we were getting a double room (with two beds) for 44 dollars. But in actual
fact what we got was something entirely different.

Top 4 Things That Will Make You Question Where You Are Staying For The Night

4. There is a night club across the street from the entrance to the hostel called Club 27 that is open at 5:00 in the afternoon.

3. There is a guy wandering around the front door to the hostel dressed in his best Huggy Bear 1970s polyester suit who says to Paulo, "Hey my man. How are you doing tonight"?

2. The guy at the front desk says, "You're license has an address in Lancaster. We can't let you stay here because it is within a 60 mile radius. We have a policy that anyone from a town or a city within 60 miles of Philadelphia can not stay here. There has been a lot of problems with drug users and ex-cons trying to get in here"...

1. Then he says "the fee is not $47.10 (like the ad says)... It's actually $47.10 each. You have to pay for each bed in the room. 1. It is a 24 bed dormitory room. Here are your sheets. Everything else you need is already in the room".

Needless to say, we did NOT stay in the HI hostel on Bank Street. We didn't fancy sharing a room with up to 22 other people who may (or may not) have been either drug addicts or ex-cons. We phoned a few places and were able to get a room in a Comfort Inn right next to the Ben Franklin Bridge on Christopher Columbus Boulevard.

Paulo was quite antsy as he hadn't eaten in about 6 or 7 hours so we got a taxi down to South Street. We strolled from 2nd Street down to Jim's for a good auld Philly cheese steak. Most pundits or guide books will tell you that you have to go to Pat's or Geno's but I am quite fond of Jim's steaks.

When you walk in, there is always a queue while the staff serve one of the best cheese steaks in town, they make no effort at all to be kind or show anything that even resembles good manners. They shout at you what do you want, what are you drinking and the price for what you have ordered. But you can't complain because it is Jim's and it is quality.

Paulo paused to reflect on the sandwich as we left.

We then strolled down South Street and called into Repo Records for a sniff around. Once again we both found some really quality, really cheaply priced CDs. Yet again I was allowed to take a few pics.

When we got back to 2nd Street we turned left and walked past Penn's Landing to the hotel. A quick nightcap and we were upstairs chilling out, blogging, emailing and watching the Yankees win their 14th game out of the last 17 over the Mets. But at least the Red Sox swept the Giants.

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