Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 17

Thank God It's Friday

I was up a bit later than I would have liked today but I am really tired. Paulo and I struggled out the door for a 33 minute run. My knees are both really bothering me, so I changed my runners for a new pair that I had at my grandparents.

After the run, we showered, ate and that headed out to do a few things. Along the way we stopped at Pizza Town 72 for a couple of slices of Sicilian style pizza that was some of the best each of us ever had. The two gents working in the place were quite the characters as well. Since this is somewhat of a family-oriented blog, I won't repeat exactly what he said but he was extolling the em, well, virtues of Grecian, Italian and Spanish women. And he didn't hold back - about anything. We laughed our bollicks off and eventually had to slowly walk backwards out of the shop to the car while he followed us out to the car park shouting and gesticulating about appropriate 'protection' when it comes to some of the people that you may find in Greece.

We then went to a bar called Doc Holidays for some quality time with our laptops and wi-fi access.

We headed back to my grandparents for some sambos and then went to my friend Bill's for the evening. We had some more food and some beers and spent the night with some other friends laughing and telling lots of stories about our younger, more foolish days. Paulo even managed to 'school' Bill in darts taking both games of cricket that they played.

We drove back to my grandparents, knackered from another busy day.

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