Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 25

Ooooooooooh-weeeee It's Hot

9:00 - up and for a run. Today, I was out for about 37 minutes and it was hot. But my knees felt good and there was finally a very tiny resemblance to some decent form. Paulo opted to sleep it out...

We showered and then drove back towards the Historic Center for some breakie / lunch and to have another sniff around. It was tough finding parking but we eventually squeezed into a space and walked down the street to B. Matthews for a bite to eat. The food was good and relatively cheap but I was disappointed with the espresso and you couldn't see the riverfront like the guide book stated that you could.

After we ate we took a walk along the river front and took in all of the sights and sounds.

We left Savannah at about 3:00 partly to get out of the stifling heat and partly because we had a date with Aido in Orlando.

We arrived at Aido's gaff around 6:30, grabbed a beer and went out on to his back deck to relax.

We had the chatsies, drank a few beers and watched the sunset over the lake behind his house.

Then we went out on the town. Going out with Aido is an experience because you don't stay in the same spot for more than about 10 minutes. So, here is a list of the places we went to:

1. Lil 500 Track - because it would be rude to not do a few laps in the go-cart when you pass one. I managed to collide head on with two different people and after Aido passed me I couldn't catch him. Paulo was miles behind both of us.

2. Chipotle - Aido's idea of healthy eating. I opted for the soft chicken tacos and a Corona to wash them down. Quality fast food.

3. Orlando Brewing Company - a really unusual place. It's an old warehouse that has been converted into a bar and they serve micro brews. We all had a stout, which I enjoyed. It wasn't as nice as a Guinness but it had a bit of a coffee flavour to it that hit the spot. Outside, a band were setting up. Paulo considered buying a T-shirt until he saw the name of the band: My Complex Island. No sale. They were giving away burnt CDs though and they begged us to take one. Back in the car on the way to the next bar we played about 35 seconds of it before switching it off. No sale.

4. Mako's - downtown Orlando. I would have preferred that we build up to this bar through the course of the night but Aido decided to go right for the jugular. Since my mother reads this site, I won't tell you exactly what was going on in the bar but I will say that I started feeling a bit edgy when some dude blew a whistle and all the girls stood up on the bar and started dancing in, shall we say, suggestive ways. We each drank our Kirin Lights and decided to move on.

5. The Lodge - Orlando's shout out to 80s Hair Metal. We all had one beer and enjoyed classics by Quiet Riot, Loverboy and Bon Jovi.

6. Lizzy McCormacks - an Irish pub. We couldn't really decide where else to go and it was the closest bar to us. The pints of Yuengling weren't bad and we met two Irish girls and an English guy who claimed to have been born in Cork. We had a laugh and then moved on.

7. I don't remember the name of the place but no night would be complete without a gyro on the way home. Paulo and Aido ordered while I just had a glass of water.

It was a long day and a hectic night so I couldn't hang with the lads when we got back to Aido's and he broke out the Wii. They played golf, tennis and baseball while I went off for a schnooze.

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Anonymous said...

Right well you gave me the address so you know i have to add my 2 cents worth, You went to Lizzy McCormacks Irish Pub, Where you met 2 irish girls one who had a very bad hang over the next day, and the english fella is from Cork. Just to help ya along.
I'll keep reading to see how your trip goes.