Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 22 (Part One)

Traveling around the States and staying in cheap hotels is eventually going to bring about some bitterness and last night it hit us. There was a bunch of 'homies' staying in the few rooms around us and they made a lot of noise until very late into the night. Rather than poke my head out and risk any altercations, I opted for the makeshift ear plugs and stuffed a bit of toilet roll into each ear. It wasn't perfect but I was able to fall asleep, which is more than Paulo could do.

We were straight up this morning and out the door as we had an important round of mini-golf to play. We started the game with threatening skies at Leatherman Golf Center. The course was deceiving because there were lots of par 2s that took us each 3 or 4 strokes to sink. I had a hole-in-one on way to a round of 53, which beat Paulo by two strokes. The first dollar of the competition exchanged hands and I took a 99 to 101 lead in the competition. But since Paulo kept score and marked a 2 for my hole-in-one, I questioned the final score. I have asked for a review to be carried out and the findings are still pending.

After the round of golf, we paused for a few minutes to reflect on the almighty power of the Rod of God.

Then it was straight over to IHOP for some breakie and several cups of sweet, blick coffee.

There was still a bit of a drive ahead of us to reach Atlanta so we didn't hang about North Carolina for very long. We drove on 85S all the way into Atlanta and made it there by 5:00. I had found a Travelodge that was only a few miles from Turner Field on Route 75. We checked in, changed our clothes and left for the ball game as quickly as we could.

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