Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day 07

If You're Fond Of Sand Dunes And Salty Air...

It's hard to believe that the first week of the trip is almost over already. I'm sure that in three months time I will write that I can't believe the trip is over already.

Anyway, we had an early start today. Not so much because we wanted to but because breakfast was only served in the hotel until 9:00 and when it's free you don't miss it. So, we got up at 8:00(ish) and went for a run. Paulo's leg was feeling a bit tight, so he did about 25 minutes while I continued on a bit longer and did 34 minutes. My legs were a bit tight but I can definitely feel a difference in my fitness in only a week.

After breakie, we packed the car and drove east back to Plymouth to see the famous "rock". At the risk of sounding like a cynic there wasn't anything really great about it. But we looked at it and took a few obligatory pictures (as you do). When Paulo threw a penny at it for good luck, a girl who had a "semi-official" shirt on asked us not to throw money. We couldn't really understand her but we think she said that when there is money next to the rock the local drunk climbs down and takes the money.

The "Rock"

We learned that when the pilgrims came to America in 1620, Plymouth was in fact not the first place they landed. The first place they 'hit' was Provincetown across the Cape Cod Bay. It also turns out that during one of several moves over the years the rock actually broke in half. We didn't stay long very because we were tired from all da learnin' and the weather turned, making it look like it was going to rain.

We then drove south to Sandwich which is the Cape's oldest village. Upon arriving, we headed straight for Sandy Neck Beach to part of the six mile dune-backed strand. The beach was empty and the sun was splitting stones so we kicked off the World Wiffleball Series. In a close game, I edged out Paulo 9-8 in extra innings to take a 1-0 lead in the series. It's gonna be a long auld summer though with plenty more games to be played.

Sandy Neck Beach

Since we were both 'hank' from the wiffleball and sun we made a quick stop in The Deli for a sambo and a drink before going to Sandwich Mini Golf for the first match of the summer. It kicked off a competition that will see the winner of each match earning a dollar, while the number of strokes between the winner and loser will count as points toward the overall competition and the much coveted prize (which we haven't decided on yet).

Next, we hit the beach for a swim and a bit of sun. The water was absolutely freezing! So cold that even the bravest of men wouldn't be able to stay in. We dried off on a little jetty and then began the drive to Newport RI for our next stop.

We decided to take the proverbial 'scenic' route, driving on 138 W from Sandwich through Sagamore, Buzzard Bay, Wareham, New Bedford, Tiverton before arriving in Newport. The Ocean State welcomed us with a lovely evening, although it was a bit chilly. We checked into Howard Johnson's in Middletown (or Ho Jo if you are sown with the lingo). We were both exhausted from a long day so we nipped across the street for a Chinese take away and I fell asleep within 30 minutes, trying to watch the Sox game.

Fortunes of the day (with the cookies from the Chinese):
Me - Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Paulo - Don't find fault in things, find remedies.

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