Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 22 (Part Two)

The Boston Red Sox vs The Atlanta Braves

Paulo has been gagging to see the Sox since we arrived in the States. It was especially bad when we were in Boston and couldn't afford tickets because the Yankees were in town. It has been a dream of his to see the Sox in Fenway and it broke his heart to have to miss out on getting a ticket. So, I organised tickets for the Braves game because, having looked at their schedule, it was the only place we figured that we could cross paths with them.

We arrived at Turner field about two hours before the game to take in some of the atmosphere and watch the pre-game activities. We grabbed a bite to eat and settled into things with a beer.

We watched batting practice from the outfield terrace and then slowly walked around (and up) to our seats. They only cost us 15 bucks and were in the 'nosebleed' section but we didn't care. We were just happy to be there. And the views of the city were great as well.

The Sox destroyed the Braves 11-0 in what was a bit like a home run derby. Tavarez pitched a good game (for once) and Papi, Manny, JD Drew, Coco Crisp and Eric Hinske all went deep.

Between halves in the ninth inning, we strolled down to an outfield seat just above the wall in right field for a different perspective. Most people had left and we didn't have any hassle taking the seats.

It was a brilliant night and Paulo got to tick off one of his big to-do things for the trip.

Here are some snaps I took during the evening around the stadium:

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