Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day 26

I'm not going to lie to you. My head was a bit sore when I woke up this morning. But a good 'ol fashioned southern feed in Buttermilks made me feel a lot better. Then the tour of Orlando picked up where it left off last night.

1. International Drive - we cruised up and down for a bit just to see what the story was.

2. Festival Bay Mall - not a great mall but it does have a Steve & Barry's shop which Paulo and I were eager to check out. The three of us spent ages looking at all the T-shirts and we all bought a few. How can you not buy a few shirts when they are 2 for $11.98? It also has a Pro Bass Shop which is just about one of the biggest shops that I have ever seen in my life. It even has a huuuge aquarium in the middle where they do fishing demonstrations throughout the day.

As we were leaving, we spotted a checker board so me and Aido had a go. It was a long, hard fight but in the end I beat Aido. Control of the board changed hands numerous times and when Aido was winning I suggested he sacrifice one of his kings to take one of mine. He made a mistake and I was able to take two of his in one move. The old sacrifice pressure move - it works every time!

3. Bahama Breeze - a bit of a cheesy bar that draws all of the tourists but it was close and we were thirsty. I opted for the Red Ale and really enjoyed it. A storm blew in so instead of leaving we moved from the outside to the inside, had another drink and a little snack to keep us going.

4. Pirates Cove - an excellent mini-golf course. The competition continued between myself and Paulo but Aido played better than both of us and won the round - for five dollars. Everything Aido does is for money (usually a dollar). I can't even begin to tell you how much money changed hands this weekend and how many dollars I lost. I even had to pay Paulo a dollar as he beat me in the round by two strokes. But that wasn't enough to take the lead and we are back at even in the summer long competition. And I ended up in the gallows.

5. Funspot - more go-carting. This course was longer and a little bit more interesting. Some kid passed me and Aido and we couldn't catch him. After a slight 'altercation', I continued on while Aido stalled. He had a few choice words for me afterwards but all is fair in go-carting. Once again Paulo was miles behind us. We also played skee-ball and air hockey all for dollars. Paulo was the big winner in skee-ball and generously used his tickets to get each of us a glider.

6. Kandai - an Asian place that does both sushi and full meals. Before going into the restaurant we had a glide-off in the carpark which I won (and made one of my dollars back). We asked a girl going into the restaurant to judge and she very fairly chose my flight as the best. Inside we ordered and had all of the food cooked right in front of us. The chef even did the onion trick where he makes it look like a volcano.

7. Aido's gaff for an endless night of Wii playing. I was pretty bad at most of the games but found my niche in bowling. The competitions continued long into the night.

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