Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 24

I jumped out of bed at 8:30 and went for a 42 minute run to Peidmont Park. I ran east along Piedmont Avenue, did one lap around the park and then ran back heading west on Juniper Avenue. The view of the city were amazing and the sky was one of the bluest I have ever seen.

After breakie, it was back to the pool for some more swimming, chilling and sunning.

We checked out at 12:00 and got back on to 75S, heading towards Savannah.

We stopped in Macon along the way and decided to go local for lunch as opposed to another sub or fast food meal. What a good call! We drove into the town and came across a place called Roly Poly that had one of the best Pesto Chicken wraps I have ever tasted. And it even came with a free cookie - what a bargain! I then went next door to Faye's for a coffee. Unfortunately, the espresso machine was broken so I had to settle for a frozen coffee instead. The place was really interesting and the girl that worked there told me that it used to be a house. The kitchen was converted to the counter / ordering area while the sitting room and dining room where now places to chill and drink your coffee. One room had big leather chairs and couches, while the other had tables. All of the tables had an old fashioned kettle on them for decoration and the walls were covered with pictures of jazz legends.

We left Macon and drove onto 16E, arriving in Macon at about 5:30. I had found a place for only $42.99 for the night. When I looked at the map it seemed close to the center but unfortunately it was more than seven miles away.

We chilled, had some wi-fi time and then showered up to go into town. We wanted to go for a bite and a beer but since we had to drive we were going to be taking it easy tonight. I saw a place called Creole Red in a guide book that looked pretty interesting - very cheap, very authentic creole dishes.

We drove in, parked up and gandered around for a bit. We decided to stop and have a quick drink before the meal so we went in to a place called the Mercury Lounge. It had a jukebox playing country and Elvis tunes very loudly, a wall painted with the picture of the Rat Pack standing outside The Sands and leopard skin bar stools. We ordered a drink and a serving of nachos that turned out to be huuuge and some of the best nachos that either of us had ever tasted.

We then went in search of Creole Red but discovered that it had been converted to a pub called The Rail Pub. No bother - it was a great place. It had a very cool bar with all sorts of paraphernalia hanging on the wall, a jukebox and a dart board. Plus when we arrived, The Jesus & Marychain were playing followed by Pixies and AC DC. I thought that it would be impossible to shift Paulo. We each had two Coronas and then decided to move on.

Our next stop was a bar called Stogies that had a walk-in humidor with a decent size selection of cigars.

From there we strolled around for a while before stopping into Jen's And Friends so that I could have a nightcap - the very last cold Corona in the whole bar! Everyone that we met and talked to in the bars were so friendly and really, really nice. The kind of folk who would do anything for you.

We are moving on to Orlando tomorrow but Savannah is a great place and I would love to come back some day.

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