Monday, August 27, 2007


The road trip is over but Tarmac Soul will live on. I am in Colleyville, Texas to spend the week with my aunt. Paulo flew to Dublin yesterday, dumped some gear and went straight on to England for the week.

But don't worry, I will keep posting although not every day. After the week in Texas, I am flying to Tampa and will be spending September with my parents in Palm Harbor, Florida. It should be great as long as there aren't any serious hurricanes. Then, I will be going to Pennsylvania at the end of September and staying in Allentown, Reading, Lancaster and anywhere else that I can blag a scratcher for the month of October.

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope that you continue to check the site to read about my adventures during September and October. I will be posting some interesting things about the trip in the coming days and I am also working on a couple of podcasts that will include some of the music that we listened to driving across the country.

Until my next post...

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