Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 83

I wanted to wake up and go for a run this morning but I was wrecked and didn't sleep well. And it was already about 100 degrees by the time I got out of bed. So instead we got on to the laptops and sorted accommodation in San Diego before checking out.

We went next door to a restaurant called Carrow's for breakie and then drove to San Diego.

We decided not to chance our arm with a possible three star hotel and went for the sure thing - a one star near the harbor. Well, we quickly realised the difference between one and three stars. Our first room smelled of shite. And there was food in the refrigerator. And the ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly. There was food on the ceiling. Fortunately, we were able to switch rooms and we were given one that was a bit more acceptable.

We unpacked and then went our separate ways. I went to watch the sunset at Loomas Point and Paulo walked into town for a bite to eat.

The sunset was fabulous and the sky was unbelievably clear. The only thing missing was a cocktail and some quality tunes.

I drove back to the hotel and then walked into to meet Paulo. He came across a place on 5th street called Whiskey Girl. It was bananas, especially for a Monday night. A crap DJ playing predictable tunes and everyone going mental for them. The usual. We had a bite and a couple of beers and then walked home opting to save our energy for later in the week.

Back at the hotel we wasted no time getting off to Z land.

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