Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 86

After five days off, I went for a forty five minute run today. And it was bloody hard. I have been a bit run down and really tired for the last week, so I figured a bit of a rest was in order. But my body has really shut down, trying to recover and today was a bit of a shock. Still, I should be feeling great again in a couple more days (I hope). At least that is what I am telling myself.

We had to check out of Harborview - especially since we were being harassed again by the staff. This despite the fact that I went down to the desk and asked the woman if we could have a few extra minutes.

We packed up and went to Richard's Pancake House or Dick's as we called it. Full of gay boys. NBC had claimed that it was the best breakie and town and I might have to agree. I had Eggs Benedict which were fab and the coffee was really good as well. And this time there wasn't really anybody staring at us. I think.

The next stop was Sunshine Center Laundry to wash our clothes.

Once we cleaned up our threads a bit, we got on to 5 again and (eventually) made our way to Encinitas. The 5, 605 and 105 were all like car parks and we only averaged about 25 miles an hour the entire time. After driving all over the country, I have to say that LA (and the surrounding area) is the absolute worst place to drive. Full stop. A total nightmare.

In order to take the edge off a bit we stopped at Lou's Record Shop in Encinitas.

Not a bad place. I found a few little gems, while Paulo bought a T-shirt for Lou. He wasn't going to but I convinced him not to leave it behind. When would he ever be in Lou's or Encinitas ever again?..

We drove a short distance down the street to Moonlight Grille for a sambo and to catch the end of the Friars - Mets game (by chance). The Friars were winning when we left and all of the locals were swilling some Spanish beer I never heard of that only cost one dollar a can. But I reckon what you save in the bar bill you make up for (and then some) with the doctor bill afterwards.

Later on we rolled into Long Beach and checked in to the Inn Of Long Harbor. Another kip. We just chilled out in the room for a while before going to bed. The end is near and I think we are both totally knackered. And I for one am not very impressed with LA.

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