Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 69

This morning I woke up paying for the excesses of the night before. I was incredibly tired and very hungry. Paulo was even worse. We meandered down a few blocks to Louisa's Cafe for a sambo. I couldn't even face a coffee because my stomach was so delicate.

After struggling through lunch, we went back to the Inn where I arranged to stay an additional night. Neither of us were going to be able to face packing, moving and trying to find another place to stay. Paulo caught a few more Zs while I got stuck into ripping my new bundle of CDs.

A few hours passed and we decided that it was time to venture out into the world and look for some more food. We drove into town (the long way) and down to Pike Street where I convinced Paulo (and his stomach) to let me take a few snaps.

Usually when I navigate and Paulo drives we do pretty well. Except for when the place we are trying to find doesn't exist. We drove up Pine Street looking for a Mexican place that I had read about called Bitchin' Burritos. Unfortunately, it had closed down since the guide was published and is now all boarded up. Plan B involved driving back in to the center of town and looking for something. Anything. We parked and found Fox Sports Grill which was grand because we both wanted to see the Sox - Angels game. But the Sox lost and the service in the place was brutal (kinda like Fox Network).

We had nachos to start that were great but I was disappointed with my salad. I also wasn't mad about my Alaskan brew. Still looking for that quality IPA over here...

The night called for some more chilling and tele. Predator was on but had way too many commercials to properly follow the film. A few channels later Eddie Murphy's Raw was on. Except that it had even more commercials and all of the f*cks were bleeped out. What is the f*cking point!? You can't watch that film censored. It's just not funny. And it doesn't make any sense because you can't hear 75% of what he is saying! Frustrated and tired we turned off the tele and fell asleep.

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