Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day 68

Today started with a 55 minute run - I went north and ran around the top part of East Lake but I got a bit lost trying to get back to the motel and tacked on a couple of extra minutes in the process.

For breakfast we decided to stay local and walked down the street, intending to go to Louisa's Cafe for breakie, but they were already closed! Instead we ventured in to 14 Carrot Cafe a few doors down and had a very nice breakie indeed. The staff were all lovely as well.

Our plan for the day was to do a bit of exploring. Specifically, to explore Fremont Street with the hope of finding Sonic Boom - the local establishment where one may buy and / or sell compact discs and LP records. We went back to the room, gathered our things and went for the Tom. It took a bit of chopping and changing but we managed to make it to Fremont Street and wouldn't you know it dropped us off right in front of Sonic Boom!

More browsing, more choosing, more listening and more buying. I picked up some quality dance stuff and a T-shirt while Paulo managed to dig up a few 'gems' as usual.

I wanted to walk up Fremont Street to have a look and find a watering hole but we got a bit distracted.

First, we saw another shop that we had read about called Jive Time.

We had a wee look and Paulo started pumping his fist in the air, saying 'I don't believe it!' He apparently found some obscure super-hard-to-find CD by a band that nobody ever heard of except for him. And he bought it for two dollars. A bargain is a bargain.

By now, the afternoon was getting on and we were getting no where. When Paulo was buying his fourth copy of only six CD, he started chatting to the dude in the shop who told him that there was another, cooler Jive Time across the street.

Next thing you know we are in the basement of this building in one of the coolest thrift shops that I have ever seen. And in the corner was a section of LPs and CDs with rock bottom prices. It would be the perfect place to start a vinyl collection. Everything was priced at about two or three dollars and there was a lot of quality there.

It would have been great to take a few pics of all the stuff in the shop but the guy working there kept following me around and I didn't get the chance to take the camera out. Next to the cash register was an old phonograph from God knows what year that the staff were using to play a really scratchy, beat up copy of 'Houses Of The Holy'. We stayed for the entire first side.

Despite the lack of movement, all the browsing and buying had made us really thirsty and a bit pecky. Luckily for us Triangle Cafe was right across the street from Jive Time. And they were showing the Cubs game on TV. Do I need to say anymore? I'm pretty sure you can surmise what we did for the next while. We stayed for a bite, watched the game and had a few 'prescriptions'.

During the course of the night, people came and went, karaoke started and there was some really, really bad music played.

We hung for a bit but when we couldn't take anymore we jumped in a Joer and went back to the motel for our appointment with some Zs.

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