Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 66

I got up and went for another 45 min(ish) run around Yakima. I'm still feeling good and going quite well (for a change).

We packed up and went down the road to Mel's Diner for breakie. Mel's is the local greasy spoon and seems to attract a very large amount of people that own classic cars and motorcycles. I'm not sure how or why these people spend there days hanging out in Mel's instead of working but fair play to them. I went for the usual, heart-clogging, cholesterol-raising, mega-calorie big breakfast.

After breakie, we decided to go to Wal-Mart as I needed some supplies. And Paulo just can't resist a Wal-Mart when he sees one. He may change his mind when they eventually take over Ireland. I got my provisions and a few CDs to boot as you can't pass up some of the bargains on offer. I bought a copy of the new Doors album 'Live In Boston Arena 1970' for only 24 bucks. I convinced Paulo to buy a Led Zeppelin greatest hits because it was two CDs and only eight or
nine dollars. It's incredible that he has spent 33 years without buying or owning a Zep CD but don't worry, I think I have set him straight.

We headed further west on 84 to Seattle. Washington is called the Evergreen state and it's easy to see why - there are trees everywhere. It was another scenic drive and we hit Seattle fairly early. We got on to 5N and found our digs (Eastlake Inn) pretty easily. We checked in, went down the street to Pazzo's for a panini and then cleaned up and went straight into town.

Paulo had sorted tickets for the Mariners - Sox game and he was fired up at the chance to see Boston play again. We got on a bus just down the road from where we were staying and got stuck in one of the worst traffic jams I have ever seen. We were sitting towards the back and there were a good few froots about - one guy talking and laughing to himself, another guy talking to whoever made eye contact with him and the bus driver as well. She was a froot as well because she was fascinated with a double decker bus next to us. She even got off our bus at one stage (the froots yelled: 'the driver left the bus!') to check out the 'DD' bus. She was wearing a pair of radio headphones (which may or may not have been turned on) and was driving so badly that the froots in the back were getting edgier by the minute. We eventually made it to our stop on 2nd Avenue and got off. Amazingly, none of them tried to start a conversation with Paulo. It must have been because he kept his head down and eyes shut the entire journey.

We walked over to Safeco Field and into a massive queue at the will call section (as usual). Thirty minutes later, tickets in hand, we went in and found our seats. The game had already started but we didn't mind (too much). As soon as we settled in Paulo started cheering his proverbials off, especially when Youk came to the plate. Some dickhead behind us was taunting Paulo but after the Sox scored a couple of runs he wasn't so chirpy anymore. We waited until the 5th inning before we bought any beers or food and then got stuck in.

Unfortunately, the Sox lost even though Paulo shouted at them the entire game. He told me that he had spoke to Papi before the game and everything was sorted but they didn't play like that was the case.

We left Safeco and walked back towards town, stopping in Elysian Fields for a beer. They have their own microbrew and I was looking forward to some local quality. Again, disappointment. The microbrews over here are just not up to scratch. We both tried a couple of different ones but we just couldn't settle in.

We left the bar and couldn't find anywhere else that we wanted to check out so we hailed a cab and went back to Eastlake. We walked down to Pazzo's again for a night cap and a pizza. It was busy(ish) but didn't have the best atmos or at least the atmos we were looking for. The pizza was good though.

In an effort to save some energy for the rest of the weekend, we went back to the gaff fairly early and hit the scratcher.

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