Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 87

I went for a 50 minute run around Long Beach this morning. What a fucking dump. Seriously.

We checked out and legged it. Not a moment too soon. We drove up PCH 1 until we found yet another Starbucks for a quick coffee. Sadly, I feel that I am becoming a total junkie and I can't help it. I can't stop feeding my money to the big, ugly, disgusting corporate monster that is known as Starbucks. But when you need a fix, what can you do?..

In an effort to see something nice and salvage our last few days in California, we drove to Redondo Beach and walked along the beach & pier. Not great. There was nothing really going on.

So, we went a bit further north on 1 to Manhattan Beach. And walked around there as well. Fortunately, it was a much nicer area. We hung on the beach for a few minutes, checking out all the peeps and sights.

All of the hanging and looking around made us both hungry so we went through town and found a place called Beckers Deli. The sambos were fab. They were made with love and, when we opened our bags, there was even a cookie inside!

Then it was time to go. We drove east to Anaheim and checked in to the Big A. Then we got all gussied up for our last ball game and walked to the real Big A.

We went to the Angels game. I wasn't really impressed with the stadium and there wasn't much atmos, which was surprising given that it was Friday night and they have been playing so well. The Angels won 3-0. There were a couple of cool bonuses - they have changed the laws and now sell beer until the bottom of the 8th inning (instead of the 7th). One more inning to drink beer - woo hoo!

There was also a good fireworks display after the game. a plane even came along and flew right through the fireworks.

After the game, we left the stadium and walked to IP Schmidts for a beer. It was quiet and there wasn't much going on. We had a couple of beers there and then tried the bar across the street - The Cherry Pit. It was pretty cool. Really small and really grimey but full of atmosphere and interesting peeps. We had a nightcap (or two) there and then walked / stumbled back to the Big A.

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