Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 72

Today started with a 65 minute run around Eugene. I figured that since I was in Track Town USA or The Track Capital of the World, the least I could do is go for a decent run. I ran a lap around South Eugene High School and then went up Skinner's Butte (hee hee). It's apparently named for the first pioneer Eugene Skinner to settle in the town with his family. They had a cabin on the side of the butte. As funny as it sounds, it was a tough climb up to the top.

A quick shower and it was straight into town for breakfast / lunch. Eugene is a bit thin on good cafes so we had a Johnny in a local place called Hawthorne's and then went across the street to Starbucks for a coffee. I had a Rift Valley Brew and it was strooong - just the kick I needed after the run.

We drove out 126W to Florence to check out things. We went out to the beach there but it was pretty tough to get around - there were lots of tree stumps and rocks. There was one decent little patch of sand but it was cold - only about 60 degrees and the water was absolutely freezing.

Moving on, we continued to Coos Bay where we had lunch / dinner in Abbey's Legendary Pizza shop. I really enjoyed mine but Paulo was convinced that they were not worthy of legendary status and they had some cheek calling themselves legends. Tough crowd. Still, it does take bollocks to name your self as legendary.

Further south we discovered Charleston and then went out to the beach. We stopped at a Arago Bay near a lookout where there were loads of seals just off the shore. There are Northern Elephant and Harbor Seals along with Stellar and California Sea Lions. Some of them live here year round but most of them just come here during the summer months to mate. We had a hard time seeing them but there was not problem hearing them.

After our attempted seal watching, we drove back to Sunset Bay for a game of wiffle ball. The west coast seems to have invigorated Paulo as he beat me 10-6. He played great and I played terribly. The series is now 3-1 to me. I hope that I can get myself together before the next game...

We also played a bit of frisbee and then watched the sunset.

Then we drove to Roseberg along 42E and it was some drive. There are hardly any straight sections of road - it just twists and turns and twists and turns and... We listened to the Doors new CD release of their gig in Boston on April 10, 1970. Absolute quality driving music.

We checked in to the Travel Inn, caught Futurama and Family Guy on tele and then fell asleep. I snoozed like a log all night long.

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