Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 65

After a great kip, I got up and went for a 45 minute run. I felt good and it wasn't unbelievably hot at 9am so I was able to stretch the legs a bit.

I made it back to the DD Inn for some breakie and then after a couple of paddies, we packed up and set off on our way back on to 84W towards Washington.

We drove until Yakima and checked in there for the night. It was still quite early so we chilled out in the room for a bit.

Around 6:00 it was time to start moving. We gussied up and walked into town for a bite to eat. Things were quiet enough for a Thursday but we found a spot called Sports Bar that seemed decent enough. There is a big hunter on top of the entrance that turns from side to side and shoots neon bullets out of his rifle at night time.

We got seats at the bar, watched some baseball on tele and sampled the local brews. I was drinking some sort of amber beer that wasn't that great. I switched a few times but just couldn't find a nice one. Paulo settled in to some sort of lager beer. I had a chicken sambo to eat that was great while Paulo went for the 'full monty' - meat, potatoes and veg. He was delighted.

There was a guy singing and playing acoustic guitar on stage in the main room but for some reason the gig was over by 9:30. He sounded OK but the laddies seemed to love him - we heard a few shouting at him to take off his trousers. We didn't know it was that kind of bar and decided that maybe the hunter outside wasn't firing bullets...

We had a few beers and left after the baseball game was over. A DJ had started playing but he was crap. Really. He kicked off with 'Take Me Out', showing a bit of promise but then he just started playing loads of bad danced up versions of decent rock songs. I hate the way producers butcher and bastardise decent songs just to try to get a few peeps on the dance floor.

We walked back to the hotel and crashed from our big night out.

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