Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 77

This morning started a bit late - around 10:00. And I was feeling a bit bad. But I cleaned up, checked out and went for breakie.

We found a cafe called Kristina's and it was quality. I had a great omelet with hash browns and toast (which I couldn't finish), a huge glass of OJ and three cups of coffee. Giddy up!

We went to do some laundry in the local mat and then started the drive to San Fran down 101S.

After about an hour or so we hit the junction with 1 and took the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). What a road! It took us almost nine hours to drive about 190 miles.

We drove for ages and eventually had to stop for food in Valley Ford at the local general store. Paulo had a great big sandwich prepared lovingly by 'Ma'. Fair play Ma! I went to have a look at the cows.

I took over the wheel and continued driving down 1 during the sunset, listening to 'Beaucoup Fish' by Underworld and The Doors 'Live In Boston Arena'. Quality driving tunes!

We finally arrived in San Francisco around 10:00pm, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and discovered that our hotel was miles away in South San Fran. Bitter! We got directions and drove to Comfort Suites, checked in and promptly chilled out. I watched Futurama & Family Guy while Paulo read. It was a long day in the car and the beds were extra comfy.

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